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Enoctus:月付 5 美元 / 1 GB / 20 GB SSD / 1 TB 流量 / 1 Gbps / 香港 HKBN


Enoctus,永远是下周直连。下面是官方发来的邮件,号称在 3 月 28 号左右可以实现直连。但是狼来了的次数太多,就没人信了。而且还号称之后要涨价,吓得我赶紧发一个优惠看看。

有兴趣的可以点开下面邮件里的 pdf 文件看一看,确实是签了合同。


Dear valued customer,

As you might be aware, HKBN still hasn’t announced our 216.* segment even though we were guaranteed this will be done by the 15th of March (today). Due to the China New Year, we believe this got delayed additionally. Similar issues have occurred during the announcement of our 184.* segment in Hong Kong but that only took 2 weeks as there were no national holidays delaying the process.

Below is a copy of IP broadcast submission and acceptance form, HKBN official promise of direct China route broadcast is within 30 days upon the date of submission. https://www.enoctus.co.uk/img/ipannouncement.pdf

In the absolute worst possible scenario, the direct china route will happen before 28 March 2018 (+/- 5 days).

While we understand you might be extremely disappointed, we urge you for a little bit of more patience during this situation. We will respect and process any refund/dispute requests but please be aware that pricing for future orders will go up immediately after HKBN starts working on 216.*. In addition, we’ll be compesating everyone with 1 month for free (will happen automatically, do not open tickets).

Please do not open any tickets regarding this, they will be closed with no response.

Kind regards,




  • CPU:1 核
  • 内存:1 GB DDR4
  • 硬盘:20 GB
  • 流量:1000 GB
  • 带宽:1 Gbps
  • 价格:5 美元 / 月,50 美元 / 年
  • 购买链接


  • CPU:2 核
  • 内存:2 GB DDR4
  • 硬盘:30 GB
  • 流量:2000 GB
  • 带宽:1 Gbps
  • 价格:10 美元 / 月,100 美元 / 年
  • 购买链接


  • CPU:3 核
  • 内存:4 GB DDR4
  • 硬盘:50 GB
  • 流量:3000 GB
  • 带宽:1 Gbps
  • 价格:20 美元 / 月,200 美元 / 年
  • 购买链接


  • CPU:6 核
  • 内存:8 GB DDR4
  • 硬盘:100 GB
  • 流量:5000 GB
  • 带宽:1 Gbps
  • 价格:40 美元 / 月,400 美元 / 年
  • 购买链接


  • CPU:10 核
  • 内存:16 GB DDR4
  • 硬盘:200 GB
  • 流量:7000 GB
  • 带宽:1 Gbps
  • 价格:80 美元 / 月,800 美元 / 年
  • 购买链接


测试 IP






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