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阿里云国际新手套餐 1.0 折扣已经停止,再次续费需要 $16 / 月


阿里云国际版的新手套餐 1.0 在 1 月 10 日正式下台了,便宜VPS网看了下,所谓的下台支持没有了折扣,之前是续费 4.5 美元,现在续费的话需要 16 美元 / 月,如果你不想自动续费了,需要手动去阿里云国际站取消续费,下一次自动续费应该在 2 月 10 日左右。

一、阿里云国际新手套餐 1.0 下台


这个是阿里云发来的关于停止供应阿里云国际版的新手套餐 1.0 的通知:

Alibaba Cloud Starter Package Version 1.0 Will No Longer Be Available from January 10, 2020

Dear Customer:

As previously announced, Starter Package version 1.0 will be taken offline starting from January 10, 2020. All existing renewal discounts will no longer be applicable as stated in our Terms and Conditions. Because you are still using ECS instance(s) from Starter Package 1.0, please pay close attention to this notice. (If you no longer have instances from version 1.0, please disregard this notice.)

When Will Starter Package Version 1.0 Be Taken Offline?

At precisely 10:00 am on January 10, 2020 (UTC+8).

What Should I Do Now?

1. You can stop renewing existing instances by setting don’t renew for all version 1.0 instances.

2. Move to new instances with these options:

(a) Starter Package 2.0 is the latest version of this offer, with more server specs (and with larger data transfer) at lower prices. For details, please see here.

Note: After purchasing you can replace the system disks using disk images. To change the image of your instance, read the related documentation.

(b) Simple Application Server offers affordable servers with data transfer plans, packaged with popular third-party applications. Each user can purchase up to 20 instances. For details, please see here.

How Can I Find My Starter Package 1.0 Instance(s)?

All of your Starter Package instance IDs (including both versions 1.0 and 2.0) will be listed here in orange under the “Manually Renew / Auto-Renew / Don’t Renew” tabs. Version 1.0 instances are those purchased / started prior to July 11, 2019. You can confirm the time of your purchase and the instance creation time in the orders menu.

What Will Happen to My Current Instance(s) from January 10, 2020?

1. Will there be any discounts when I renew my Starter Package 1.0 ECS instance?

You will no longer receive any renewal discounts after version 1.0 is taken offline.

2. Can I get a Data Transfer Plan when I renew my Starter Package 1.0 ECS instance?

No, you cannot get any additional Data Transfer Plan for existing Starter Package 1.0 instances after version 1.0 is taken offline.

3. What if I renew the ECS instance after version 1.0 is taken offline?

You will be charged based on the standard list price of your configured ECS instance as listed on this page (excluding Data Transfer Plan).

4. What if my Starter Package 1.0 ECS instance(s) gets renewed automatically?

You will also be charged at the standard list price. If you do not wish to renew your version 1.0 instances, please set them to don’t renew through the console.

5. Are there any limitations on bandwidth and instance(s) upgrade after version 1.0 is taken offline?

There are no limitations. Your Starter Package version 1.0 instance will become a regular ECS instance, which can be configured to your preferred bandwidth settings and can be upgraded / downgraded based on your requirements.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and for your understanding. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us or contact your account manager.

Alibaba Cloud


  1. 停止续费阿里云国际版的新手套餐 1.0;
  2. 可以选择将 1.0 迁移到 2.0 上;
  3. 1.0 在 1 月 10 日后续费将没有优惠。

关于阿里云国际版的新手套餐 2.0 的介绍可以参考:《阿里云国际版 AlibabaCloud 上线全新新手套餐:新加坡 CN2 仅需 $2.5/月》。

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